SLF is a registered law firm by the Ministry of Justice in Vietnam; and mainly takes cases regarding Corporate Legal Admin, Debt Recovery and M&A. We have lawyers who understand the stance of foreign companies, that have not much understanding of Vietnamese culture and law environment; to help solve the variety of their business difficulties by communicating in English. SLF is the most appropriate choice for cases not yet required the complication of requesting to a large global law firm, yet, still provide Client with professionalism and trust without any issues of languages.
SLF is a member of Korea Chamber of Business, Oversea Korean Traders Associations and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Service Area

Corporate Legal Admin
Incorporation · Business License · Registration Revision · Capital Increase · Share Deal · Liquidation · Bankruptcy · Legal Research · Inquiry Letter · Contract Validation · Product Notification · Startup Investment · Investment Due Diligence
Debt Recovery
Debt Confirmation · Court Evidence · Payment Request · Litigation · Arbitration · Provisional Seizure · Frozen Bank Account · Frozen Tax Number · Enforcement · Auction · Dispute Resolution · Property Ownership Validation
Mergers & Acquisitions
M&A Target Matching · Legal Due Diligence · Financial Due Diligence Guide · Shareholder Agreement · Business License Validation · Contract Validation · On-site Asset Check · Restructuring & Reorganizing · Periodical Audit



We can get your phone calls at 09:00 ~ 17:00 GMT+7 on Monday ~ Friday. Please contact +84-707-889-688 for English and Vietnamese, and +84-979-493-984 for Korean. If you use the right below contact form, we will response you within 1 workday. If you need a detail response, we recommend you to write an email to